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Finding the best diet and exercise is not easy but having been on this road, the following 7steps to Healthy Living will help you be in shape.  But we’ll look at each step broadly and find ways to make commitment to wellness and enjoy the journey.

7 steps to Healthy Living

  • Finding a Fitness Coach
  • Track your progress
  • Eat Well
  • Balance Carbs, Protein and Fat
  • Take advantage of power Carbs
  • Don’t work out, get energized
  • Enjoy your life- too keep the doctor away

Step 1 to Healthy Living: Find a Fitness Coach

Finding a Fitness Coach or Fitness trainer is important as it is for a student seeking knowledge from a teacher.  A Fitness Coach is beneficial in the following ways:-

  • Motivates you to get out of your comfort zone
  • Provides support
  • Stretches your perception of optimal health
  • Helps you build a life-time plan to living healthy

How to Find a Fitness Coach?

A Fitness coach can be a family member, a friend, a neighbor, your doctor or nutritionist.  So how is this you may want to know? A doctor/nutritionist for instance is supposed to teach patients how to achieve optimal health.

Doctors should be good role models to follow, should encourage patients to take active role in their health care.  But sometimes we find it hard to befriend a doctor since you only go to them when in need.  But this should not be since they’re also humans and they need to hear your views not only to treat but are willing to advice on healthy living.

Fitness Coach also is not hard to find if you know what your goal is.  For instance if you are looking to lose weight then the Fitness Coach can help achieve this goal e.g. advicing suitable exercises for your body e.g. weightlifting, cardio exercises, toning and flexing exercises.

Finding a Fitness Coach is not hard as said earlier but they should meet the following criteria:-

–          Qualified to teach on strength training and how to use exercise equipment

–          Good listener

–          Be up-to-date with current news on type of exercises for different clients and ages

–          Many more qualities you may add and very important is to be able to work you through your weight goals

Healthy Living Habits

Most people who seek medical fitness advice act like passive recipients rather than active participants who are willing to take charge of their health.  Interact and seek answers pertaining to your health and incase of lifestyle changes inform your doctor, nutritionist or fitness coach.

Remember, your diet and lifestyle can either build and maintain your level of good health or encourage illness.  More information pertaining what you should eat please look out for this in the subsequent guidelines in the continuation of 7 steps to Healthy Living.