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Lose that Belly Fat in Kenya

Frequently asked question is which the best way to,Lose that Belly Fat in Kenya it may be easy if your willing and determined to do something about it. Most of these questions come from people who are more interested in easy appeal of their bodies. I tend to have great interest in belly fat, except for different reasons.

3 kinds of fat

We have three kinds of fat in the human body; the fat around the blood stream also known as Triglycerides, the fat which lies just underneath the skin and protects us from the elements called Subcutaneous fat and the fat which, in those with a rotund belly, is often  packed hard around the vital internal organs, known as Visceral fat.

Of these three, the visceral fat is widely acknowledged to be the most dangerous threat to your health and is closely associated morbid conditions, including blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 Diabetes, heart attack and some forms of cancer.

Ways to Lose Belly Fat in Kenya

Waist to Hip ratio

Fat is mostly stored in two places, round the waist and around the hips

–         The waist hip ratio is simply the circumference of their waist at the belly button divided by the circumference of their hips at widest point.  For instance, a woman with a 32-inch waist and 40-inch hips will have a waist hip ration of 32/40=0.8.

–         Men with a hip to waist ratio of 0.9 and below and women with waist to hip ratio of 0.8 less have been shown to be much healthier than their counterparts with higher waist to hip ratios.

The reason for this is that body fat is all about location.  Fat stored around the belly is often packed hard around vital internal organs including the liver where it makes your body much more resistant to insulin, the hormone that controls your blood sugar.

Increased insulin resistance would make you a likely candidate for type 2 diabetes.  Belly fat is also thought to secrete a substance known as adipocytokinine, which has been linked to obesity.

Eat better and move

Here in Kenya we don’t have the same food issues that the western world has to contend with.  We have an abundance of natural healthy foods, organically produced and easily affordable.  If we could all just go back to eating like villagers – whole fresh healthy and unprocessed food – huge part of our health issues including belly fat would be solved at least partially.

Belly fat is the hardest and most stubborn kind of loose fat and your greatest ally in this battle will be to engage in regular cardiovascular exercise, while also building muscle tone, especially in the huge muscle groups of the legs, back, shoulders, chest and arms.

The muscle is the furnace that will get your metabolism reviving enough to banish that belly fat for good you lose weight from your extremities first- the arms and legs and then from the hips and abdomen.

Best tummy fat burner – Lose Belly Fat in Kenya

As soon as you start to exercise regularly and your body senses that you are losing the body fat- your statistics will begin to improve including blood sugar, cholesterol and even blood pressure and hence you need to resort to Best tummy fat burner.