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Are you tired of paying thousands going to the gym and are seeking for Easy Ab Exercises at home? Then here are Easy Ab exercises for men and ladies.

Easy Ab Exercises routines at Home

Absolutely everyone desires to have well toned Abs. Belly fat appears very undesirable as it shows a visible pump on your dress or shirt. To cut down this excessive fat in the lower tummy, it is vital to go by a physical fitness regime along with Abs diet plan. You can always enroll in secure authorized gym and perform the training on diverse gym equipment. But, if you cannot afford gym membership, you can go for simple Easy Ab Exercises at Home.

Given below are Ab Exercises for men and ladies Tips:-

Easy Ab Exercises for Men and Women

6-pack Abs
Best lower Easy Ab exercises- for beginners that targeting the lower Abs. Perform the following exercises:-

  • Lie flat on mat.
  • Now, raise your legs directly over your hips, keep the knees slightly bent. Now your legs are perpendicular to the floor
  • Rest hands at sides with palms down. Using your lower Abs, raise your hips off the floor and towards your rib cage, your feet must go straight upward. At the same time, you must twist your hips to the right hand side and hold this position for 5 seconds
  • Now slowly return to the starting position and repeat the exercise, twisting on the left hand side this time. Perform 10 repetitions on each side and 3 sets of this best lower Ab workout

Reverse Crunches

They are easy to perform and give fast results:-

•             Lie down on the floor or use a mat for the same

•             Now, place your hands either behind your head or besides your legs

•             Keep your legs straight so that your body remains flat

•             Lift up your knees and bend them at a right angle

•             While lifting your knees, you can keep your feet joined or crossed to each other

•             Lift your hips, tighten your Abs and bring your knees close to your chest

•             Then slowly bring down your knees to touch the floor

•             Repeat these steps for 15 times
Floor Cycling

Steps to perform lower Ab exercises for women are given below:-

•             Straighten out your legs, lie on your back and keep your arms behind your neck

•             Tighten your Abdomen, lift your neck and lift your one leg and touch the elbow of the opposite arm to its knee

•             While touching the knee with elbow keep your other leg straight

•             Repeat the same steps for other side without resting the neck on the floor

•             You can eliminate the elbow and knee touching and perform simple cycling in the air by lying on your back. However the twist crunch due to elbow and knee touching will give you better results

•             Repeat these steps for 20 times, 10 for each side

Pelvic Tilt
To perform the exercises below:-

  • lie flat on a mat with knees bent, feet touching mat and shoulder width apart
  • Contract the Ab muscles and lift your lower torso upwards, hold this position for 3 seconds and get back to the starting position and repeat
  • Perform 10 repetitions and 3 sets of this lower Ab exercise

Diet and Easy Ab Exercises routines at Home

In addition to the exercises a good health diet is important avoiding junk, carbonated drinks and replacing it with lots of drinking water 6glasses of water, veggies/fruits and lower sugar/ salt intake will definitely bring out results and achieve your desired body physique as outlined in Easy Ab exercises at Home.