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Are you one of those looking to add weight yes you heard it know How to add Weight in Kenya? Then read on and get tips on finding safe ways without going beyond your expected weight goal.  Life sometimes can really be unfair, some right now after the holiday indulgence are trying endlessly to lose every weight possible but on the hand you who is reading am sure you’ve been looking endlessly to find Kenyan natural remedies to know how to add weight in Kenya.

How to Add Weight in Kenya

To be extremely thin is a health risk as being obese.  Some find it enormous task trying to add weight.  This article will give you tips from the well researched Kenyan point of view so you can be at ease having some muscle in the required areas.

Limitations on How to Add Weight in Kenya

Before jumping into the natural remedies lets look at the some possible causes you may have or are encountering in adding weight:-

  • Genetic Makeup
  • Lack of appetite – possible causes may be due to stress, illness etc
  • Very fast body metabolism rate of retaining fat absorption
  • Physical activities such as sports that result in burning of lots of calories without leaving any body fat.
  • Other factors such as intake of medicine (prolonged) or abnormalities in the body metabolism

Tips on How to add Weight in Kenya fast and safely

  • Nutritional shake with Fiber and Weight Gain
    One of the most available and natural remedy you may find effective is Nutritional shake with Fiber which is not a fad diet that after a while you feel bored of.  It has been designed to be a delicious and nutritious meal substitute and provides the adequate amount of high quality proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, fiber, multi-vitamins and multi-minerals.

Simple way to make your nutritional shake to add weight

Purchase a nutritional shake; to make your shake, add some coconut milk in it, add a cup of whole milk as well to your shake and then add 2 scoops of

shake of your choice chocolate flavor/vanilla.  Then shake well and drink. (To be taken before breakfast and dinner). Contact us to purchase your nutritional shake and other supplements such as Bee pollen and herbal tea helps to build appetite )

  • Eat a balanced diet i.e. your should contain ¼ proteins e.g boiled eggs instead of baked potatoes, ¾ carbohydrates, ¼ fats, vitamins and minerals. Ensure you eat 3 square meals per day and healthy snacks are allowed such as yoghurt, bread with peanut butter and fresh juice, some snacks include eating peanuts/ground nuts.
  • Eat foods that have high calories such as raisins instead of grapes, peanut butter, drinking whole milk etc.  But the foods having high fat and sugar content should be eaten sparingly since it may result in obesity.
  • Avoid drinking water or beverages before meals like half an hour so can increase your food intake, resulting to add weight desired.
  • Another way is adding fruits to your food like those who prefer avocado, can eat together with meals like Githeri or rice, if not avocado substitute to a banana. Additional could be olives, ground nuts, salmon fish (which is fatty).
  • Again achieve best results in moderation is intake of fats; add good sources of fat to your meals.
  • Sleep 6-8 hours having enough rest helps you relax; keeps the body store fat and other nutrients for usage in the future. Take day naps whenever possible.
  • Eat late at night from 8pm, reason being the body is at rest and this enables it store calories generated from foods eaten late.
  • Exercise is best secret to add weight, the following are some recommended exercises such as push-ups, leg presses, and squats.  Only perform cardiovascular exercises after you have gained your desired weight since their role is to burn calories more which is suitable for those desiring to tone up or lose weight.  Cardio exercises include aerobics, swimming, cycling and running.

As you plan to embark on achieving your desired weight for the year and having a new look please feel free to drop an email on your wonderful new look, my hope you will get to your desired weight goal as you apply the above tips on How to Add Weight in Kenya