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Weight Gain – How Do You Gain Weight Fast In A Healthy Way

http://How Do You Gain Weight Fast In A Healthy Way

If you are naturally skinny, then you probably find it difficult to gain weight. And you’ve probably also realized by now that just eating lots doesn’t work.  You’ve probably tried that, right? So, even though you want to find a way to gain weight fast, you’re still not interested in eating a bunch of junk foods, being really unhealthy and getting fat in the process.

That’s not the kind of weight you want. You want healthy weight. So how can you gain weight fast in a way that’s healthy? Well, interestingly enough, there are some very specific things that you can do to help your body gain weight and muscle in a way that is totally natural, and very healthy.

And I break the process down into 8 very clear and precise steps. So let’s run through them quickly here.

  • Step ONE is to be very clear about your ‘Daily Calorie Needs‘ each and every day. You need a specific amount to aim for each day, based on your current weight.
  • Step TWO then is to know exactly what foods will help you to gain weight, and to make sure that you get these into your meals.
  • Step THREE is then to learn how to distribute your calories throughout the day. And to have a reliable and easy way of keeping track of what you’re eating.
  • Next, Step FOUR is to make sure you have easy access to weights. If you’re skinny and you’re serious about gaining weight, then lifting weights is essential. So you need to make sure you have easy access to weights – whether you join a gym, or plan to exercise at home.
  • Step FIVE is then to create a great workout plan. You need to know exactly what you’re doing BEFORE you start each and every workout session. And it has to be exactly tailored for a skinny guy wanting to gain weight and muscle.
  • Step SIX is then to lift weights. You need to know exactly how often to train, what exercises to do, what order to do the exercises in, how many reps to do of each exercise, how heavy to lift – and a bunch of other factors that will help you to gain weight and build lean muscle mass.
  • Step SEVEN then is to plan for recovery. Proper recovery is just as important. And training correctly, when it comes to gaining weight, must incorporate a good plan to recover and recuperate between your training sessions. So you’ve got to get this bit right as well.
  • And then finally Step EIGHT is to repeat these steps consistently. You need an effective method for maintaining your motivation, and following through with the activities you know you need to perform. And you need to do them over and over again, until you get the results you’re looking for. You’ve got to make them ‘habits’ that feel totally natural.

So that covers the 8 all-important steps on how to gain weight fast in a healthy way.