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How do you use cardio vascular variables to your advantage this may be what your looking to achieve then Effective use of Gym machines in Kenya will seek to enlighten you so as to avoid accidents.

Effective use of Gym machines in Kenya

Like any equation cardiovascular exercise has its constants and its variables.

The constants are the factors that we cannot change in the short term.  These include your age, weight and medical history including intervening factors such as prior injuries or cardiopulmonary conditions such as asthma among others.

This is just one half of the equation, the other half hinges on the variable factors such as the speed at which you move on the machine and the intensity at which you exercise or even the duration of exercise session.

Effective use of Gym machines in Kenya: variables


Every cardio machine, be it treadmill, an elliptical trainer, a bike, a stepper or even a rowing machine, gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself the speed at which you choose to the move.

The question is: how does speed affect the quality and effectiveness of your workout?  The human body only uses fat as an energy source when you stay within the aerobic zone.  Beyond the aerobic zone switches to phosphocreatine system of energy.

However this is hardly sustainable in the long term.  According to the laws of physics Newton’s law of acceleration states that the rate of acceleration is directly proportional to the force causing it – this means that the faster we move the more energy use and therefore the more calories we burn.

Therefore it’s sensible to stick to a sustainable pace or resort to interval training with short bursts of intensity interspersed with short periods of recovery.


On a bicycle, rower or elliptical trainer, you have the choice to determine your level of resistance.  So you can for instance cycle at one level where the pedals feels very loose and easy to turn or you can push it up to level 15 where the pedals need some serious effort to crank.

On resistance- less is more.  The more you have too much resistance you sacrifice your form.  This may not seem like a big deal but imagine that you are cycling at high pace on a bike for 20minutes.

There are chances of damaging your knees, lower back or ankles.  The message is simple: balance your resistance and speed in order to keep your heart rate within the aerobic zone.  Too much resistance will get you injured, not fit!


In a cardiovascular workout the role of gravity is most apparent when you work on a machine such as a treadmill which allows you to manipulate the incline at which you are walking or running.

The incline can add tremendous intensity to your workout if used wisely.  Consider for instance the fact that at an incline of 30 degrees you need up to 50 per cent more effort to shift the same load – your body.  Increase to 45 degrees and you need up to 71 per cent more effort

But of the incline is so high that you cannot sustain it without hanging on the machine or if you get tired to maintain proper form at the incline, you are in real danger of incurring serious injury.  The best thing to do is to maintain an incline that allows you the maximum effort in good form.

As soon as your falling energy levels cause you to start losing appropriate form, it is time to lower the incline.  Another option would be to use intervals of elevation followed by plateaus to help you catch your breath.


If you exercise for too short a time, you do not get enough benefits to see a real difference in your body, but if you overdo it, you also push your body beyond the point at which it can recover in good time and you may reverse all the benefits of your workout.    In marathon running there is what is known as “The wall”. You are said to have “hit the wall” when your body simply runs out of fuel and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) ensues.  When you hit “The wall”, your body may cramp from dehydration and lactic acid build up, you may suffer headache and fever and in more severe cases even hallucination – marathon runners have been known to get disoriented and even run to get disoriented and even run in the wrong direction.

Effective use of Gym machines in Kenya

preferably limit your cardio exercise session to no more than an hour after which you should focus on increasing intensity as opposed to time, Effective use of Gym machines in Kenya.