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Have you ever wondered which is the best attire to be in while going to the gym, some gym clothes may not be appropriate you may have a different shape and size and we cannot compare ourselves with the gym instructor who has a good body physique.

Gym Clothes

The result, droves of gym first timers,  heave and sweat at the gym for the first month or so, and fall by the wayside when confronted by odious things such as busy schedules and skimpily dressed, well-shaped companions.

The other challenge, constantly ignored, equally vain and just as frustrating, is what to wear to the gym. Without proper foundations, you have no idea if you are doing the right thing, who you should not listen to, why you must never compare yourself with the other people across the room and where your role models lie.

Some instructors maybe of help but you should not to try to look like them.  A number of them are young, athletic-looking and visually attractive, bound to look great in any kind of sporty gear they pick off the shelves. Besides which, their lives are mostly spent in the gyms coupled with years of breaking in sporty outfits.

Gym Clothes for men and women

Shopping for your workout gear is an experience, very like buying a swimsuit. Few people enjoy it, and it feels like an admission that you are there because something is fundamentally wrong with you.

Its feels uneasy for plus size women walking to sports centre and failing to find their right gym wear because their size is not available. Most shops at the entrance display football boots, male mannequins and still-life pictures of beautifully lean women. Throw in the female mannequins that are always so skinny with the most fabulous Tina Turner legs and, why would anyone seriously bother trying to look like that unless they were already professional athletes?

Gym wear both for women and men comes in as many chic colors that are made keeping in mind the bits and nuances of their requirements.

In countries where fitness is taken seriously, just as seriously of course as obesity is, workout gear is a thing of beauty. Brands such as Lulu Lemon are internationally acclaimed. If there was a hall of fame for athletic wear, they would win top prize.

With ever growing sports shops and Aerobic DVD creators realized there was a gap and went for it full throttle and aside from their patented exercise routines, exist merchandise such as wrist and head bands, vests, tights and sleek, body fitting gear for both men and women. To find anything close to that, one would have to scavenge, grovel and spend a small fortune, possibly directing relatives abroad to stock up.

The greater challenge is, if you are making concerted efforts to lose weight, and it works, then you have to keep shopping. Workout gear needs to be hardy. You will wear and wash it on average three to six times a week, performing the most vigorous physical functions while at it.

They must be comfortable and simultaneously flattering. They should be soft against your skin because who really needs the added aggravation of a scratchy in-seam or hem when someone is shrieking ‘No pain! No gain!’

You do not want a tight waistband that digs into your mid-section and further splitting you into two discernible body parts.  If it is dancing is, sometimes best way to lose weight, and one tends to sweat a lot. Hence, a choice of clothing that keeps you comfortable.  Soaks all the sweat, and still funky to be inside, is a perfect pick.

Yoga, Pilates and strength training outfits require some give. Stretch fabrics are best, that way both you and the instructor are able to see the outlines of your body clearly so they can be sure you have the right form and understand the technique, both of which are essential to preventing injury.

Best gym clothes

Aerobics allows for looser, lighter outfits that allow sweat to dry fast. Your outfit should not be a distraction. Do not subject others to discomfort or allow the sense that you are an accident waiting to happen to creep in. Nevertheless, we ought to be keen with our etiquette in the gym with the kind right gym clothes.