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Muscle enhancement requires that you understand the principles of dieting.  Don’t prioritize performance enhancing drugs which have many deadly side effects.

Tips on Muscle Enhancement

You do not need complicated and expensive equipment for muscle enhancement. Simple exercises that rely on your body weight can help you achieve your goal as outlined below.

Dangers of Muscle Enhancement Drugs

  • Severe Acne

Anabolic Steroids for muscle enhancement can cause acne which mostly appears on the face, chest and back.

  • Hair Loss

When you use anabolic steroids, it can lead to hair loss. This condition may be permanent hormonal imbalance.

Many muscle enhancing drugs cause hormonal imbalance. In men it can lead to prominent breasts, and shrinkage of the testicles. Sperm count can also go down to the level of infertility.

In women steroid use can cause hormonal imbalance, development of facial hair, lower voice and shifts in menstruation.

  • Liver Complications

Muscle enhancement drugs cannot be metabolized by the liver and they are toxic. This can cause liver tumors and even complete liver failure.

  • Cardiovascular Challenges

These performance enhancing drugs can increase bad cholesterol as the good cholesterol decreases. This can cause stroke and heart attack.

  • Mental Interruptions

Performance enhancement drugs cause aggressiveness and severe mood swings.

Butt & Thigh Muscle Enhancement Exercises

  • Lunges

This is a standard muscle enhancement exercise that doesn’t need equipment and is good in firming thighs and butt muscles.

You do lunge by taking a large step forward and landing on your heal. One leg is far in front of you and the other is spread behind the body. Next step is to lower your body straight and come back. You do this repeatedly, and then focus on the butt by up and down motions.

  • Leg Lifts

This is a toning exercise, whereby you face downwards on the floor, like in a push up position. You support the body with the forearms as you interchangeably lift your legs without touching the ground.

  • Duck Squat

You achieve this by holding weights while you squat. The target is inner thighs.

  • Pigeon Toes

You tone the butt, calves and abs with this muscle enhancing exercise. You do this by putting your toes together, heels out and hands on hips. Then you slowly lift your heels till you get on the balls of the feet and you maintain there. Then you lower your feet back to the floor.

Top Food for Muscle Enhancement

  • The best food for muscle enhancement is proteins and carbohydrates
  • Proteins are the building blocks of the body needed for production of muscles
  • Carbohydrates act as fuel by giving energy to the body

The following Foods are rich in either or both carbohydrates and proteins needed for muscle enhancement:-

  • Eggs Gives Proteins
  • Fish Gives omega-3 oils
  • Poultry and Red Meat – Gives proteins and essential vitamins that help in muscle growth
  • Oatmeal – Gives energy
  • Milk – Provides calcium and other minerals
  • Nuts – Gives saturated fats in the right amounts

Building muscle is not easy but with determination you will achieve your main goal which is to be able to naturally achieve Muscle Enhancement.