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Many looking for a business shy away from it, yet it is not soo hard opening a health club in Nairobi, Mombasa or in part in the world this article will help you before opening or when your planning How to start a gym business in Kenya?  Thefitness industry is lucrative for those wishing to venture it in order to help those wishing to keep fit and curb obesity mainly attributed by faulty eating habits.

How to Start a Gym Business in Kenya

What skills are then required start your own gym business

The first on your checklist that is paramount is your experience in the field.  If you are just interested and the only experience is that of attending aerobic classes but no experience whatsoever of actually working in a gym, it is suggested that you look into gaining first hands-on experience before considering starting this business.

Plan B if you have no experience on the field and you want to start a business in this field, suggest you hire a fitness expert.  So you plan the administration side while your the fitness expert stands in as a manager.

5 Steps on How to Start a Gym Business in Kenya

1. Finances

You have two options buying a place with everything in place décor, equipment and employees or looking into renting a place doing your own interiors and buying equipment and hiring employees.  You need working capital for the first year to run the business without breaking even till the business is able to pay off.

2. Location
The second most important that people overlook is location yet this what makes the gym business successful The location of the gym is very important for the success of your gym business. Always look for place that is easily convenient for accessibility purposes.  Best area is where there is a lot of traffic/movement of people is e.g. town, shopping mall, near a college or theater. Some premises will require a good sum of good will, there is where capital comes in.

3. Decor

First impressions are very important and the only way to attract customers to your gym is by upping your game looking elegant. From modern gym equipment, ambiance have warm colors, working showers, good ventilation, lockers, television set etc.

4. Structure and Services

Plan in detail all the types of services you will provide.  What kind of niche are you looking at low class, middle class or high class clients’ , how many employees including cleaning and maintenance would be needed, the location, how much space will you need, working hours, costs of services such as advertising.

5. Equipment

Are you planning to buy locally or importing this should be part of your planning. What kind of modern equipment will be able to cater for all your clients look at the numbers during peak or off peak hours?  What are some of the fitness equipment that you may have to buy for your gym i.e. treadmills, weight benches, bikes, rubber flooring etc.  We also import and source for you at a discount at Kenya Fitness.  If you are looking at including services such as aerobic, yoga, having a spa then you will need to find more space for it.  Also have a section for kids and some equipment for them.

How to start a gym business in Kenya

Starting a gym business is not easy but with all the above you can make it to be profitable for you.  All you need to do is planning well before starting the gym business.

You can contact us if you have further questions on how to start a gym business in Kenya.