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Are you looking for a comfortable and affordable gym to settle in or join Tips for Choosing a Gym in Kenya will be of help to you.

The average member of a gym is likely to spend up to 3-5times a week in their chosen gym these this means choosing the right gym for you is an important decision.

Tips for Choosing a Gym in Kenya

One of the first questions you must ask yourself, what is my goal for joining a gym?

Tips for Choosing a Gym in Kenya: Requirements

  • Location
  • Price and discounts
  • Gym classes
  • Personal Training
  • Facilities


Shop around and see what’s available. I suggest trying at least 3 gyms/studios a few times. Most gyms will give you discount for first membership.

The natural choice for choosing a gym is finding a location close to either your house or your workplace.

Most people start their search for a gym by searching directory or now some online for gyms in vicinity of their address. The easier it is for you to get to your gym the more likely you are to attend regularly and stick to your training programme.

The location of your gym will play a role in dictating the price, for example Kenyan gyms.

Price and discounts

Gyms main income comes from monthly fee’s payable by members. Many also charge a one-time or annually recurring joining fee of a predetermined amount which should cover the cost of your induction with a trainer.

Price will obviously play a major part in your decision of which gym to join but make sure you factor all possible costs into your calculation and compare the value of each based on the facilities and classes available and included in your membership fee.

Some gyms offer some fringe benefits such as a pool, sauna, spa, and massage.

Discounts and incentives

It is always worth asking about possible discounts and incentives which the gym may be offering to new members such as free or discounted joining fees, friends and family offers and corporate memberships.

Gym Classes

In addition to the use of the gyms facilities many health clubs will offer a range of fitness classes such as spinning, aerobics, circuit training and body pump.

Some will include these classes in the cost of membership, others will charge extra per class. When making your decision have a look at the class timetable and work out if they run classes which you might be interested in attending and if the times of these classes correspond with your intended training times.

Personal training

All gyms should have fitness instructors available in the gym to ensure proper supervision and assist you with your workout and use of the various pieces of gym equipment.

You may also choose to hire a personal trainer to plan your workouts, motivate you during training sessions and monitor your progress. For personal training as an additional charge or allow their instructors to also run their own personal training sessions (when they are not on duty in the gym).

Another person’s goals may be different. You may want to lose weight or gain muscle. Some people may have health issues such as arthritis, high blood pressure, but still want to work out at a health club.

Then you should look for a club with highly trained people who can help you through your questions and health concerns. A lot of people are looking for someone they can trust to help them get in shape, tone their muscles and just to feel better physically.


Included in the price of your gym membership you should usually expect to receive access to the gymnasium, spa and swimming pool if there is one as well as obviously the changing rooms and social areas such as bars, cafes or restaurants.

When you are deciding which gym to join you should always ensure you take a tour of the gym (or ask for a 1 day pass to try the facilities for yourself). During your tour take note of the following:

Due Diligence list
– Quality of the equipment and the number of machines and free – weights available vs. the people in the gym
– Are the changing rooms clean and hygienic?
– Is the swimming pool and Jacuzzi clean and hygienic?
– Is there first hand service staff to lend assistance?

Take some time to get a feel for the gym and decide whether you see it as a place you would like to spend time or an experience you’re going to dread.

Tips for Choosing a Gym in Kenya

It may be worth spending a bit more each month paying for a gym membership you use than saving money on a cheaper membership which you do not get value from but this will depend on your circumstances, motivation and goals.  I hope you will be on your way in selecting a suitable gym with Tips for Choosing a Gym in Kenya.