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Planing to lose weight or maintain your weight, but before you embark on it this information will give direction concerning your Body Shape Type.  Have you ever wondered what body type and shape you are and those around you, below this article will seek to answer your question.

Body Shape Type

Depending on inherited tendencies (weight) , diet, exercise routine and your nature of job all these play a major role in determining your body shape type.  That is why we are all different one may wonder why yet we have similar foods and in other ways eating habits.

Body Shape Types and Diet

According scientific evidence there 3 categories that help you determine your body shape type which are:-

  • Ectomorphs

These are persons who have a thin and lean body, usually have a trim figure like a ruler having narrow waist, hips and shoulders.  They lose weight easily yet have harder time gaining it, are you in this category not worry with such awareness and an ideal diet such as high complex carbohydrates, nuts, omega, fruits and water will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and acquire adequate muscular growth.  Essentially ectomorphs should include 40% carbohydrates, 40% proteins and 20% fats in their diet.

  • Mesomorphs

These are persons who have an athletic stature with broad shoulders and small waist.  Their metabolism is very fast as they are able to lose and gain weight easily.  Do you belong here (myself included), then there is a ideal diet for you which include having low carbohydrates 40%, 30% proteins and 30% fats.

  • Endomorphs

These are persons who  have bigger frame with round face, large waist and hips.  They have the hardest time losing weight even though they try to eat right or less and hit the gym or exercise frequently my point is, their metabolism is slow.  Do you belong here not lose hope of maintaining a healthy body physique which is possible.  Having a balanced diet is ideal i.e. more dietary foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and essential oils like omega and olive oil. Lastly eating small portions and frequently like 4-6 times a day and avoid foods with empty calories.

How to Determine your Body Shape

Easiest way to determine your body shape is measuring your waist one inch above your belly,  chest across the mid section and hips spread the tape measure on the widest spots. The other difficult part would be how to dress your body shape if you’re using ancient known body shape e.g. hour glass, pear, apple etc.  Fortunately enough Trinny and Susannah came up with unique 12 body shapes that you can dress your pact instead of wallowing in the ancient times.  These include Column, Lollipop, Cornet, Goblet, Brick, Apple, Vase, Hourglass, Cello, Skittle, Pear, Bell (check them out).

In conclusion I hope this article has shade light so you know why sometimes adding and losing weight is not as easy as many fad diets promise but now you’re better informed with an ideal diet, exercising and dressing your body shape this will help you feel good maintain that nice shapely Body.