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Myths on dieting in Kenya

With many era of internet there many notions that are out there hence we its important to demystify myths and facts about dieting. 

Many of us believe that somewhere in the endless parade of diets and weight loss products that promise maximum weight loss for minimal effort is a magical bullet that works.

You need to be aware that 90% of weight loss is a result of a proper eating regime and both cardio vascular exercise and strength training.  Here are some of the myths and facts about dieting and weight loss:-

  • Skipping meals get the weight off

This puts your body into starvation mode so the body hangs onto its fat deposits by lowering your metabolic rate because it does not know when your next meal will be so you end up gaining weight instead of losing it.

  • Combination of foods in the right way

Some diet recommend that proteins and carbohydrates should not be eaten together, fruits will rot if eaten together with food, claiming the enzymes required for digestion somehow cancel each other out and cause weight gain.  An exhaustive research on the topic,According to Registered Dietitian by Tamara Duker Freuman on Debunking the Myth of Food Combining, Different enzymes digest different classes of nutrients, and all of them are released without regard to what you’ve eaten”. 

  •  Avoid dairy products

Dairy products like milk aid weight loss because the calcium and protein in them improves metabolism which burns body fat.

Many low fat and non fat dairy products like soy milk are available that provide the same nutrients as whole milk products, but with less fat and calories so you can safely include dairy products in your weight loss plan.

  • Fat burners really work

There is no clinical evidence to prove that these over the counter diet pills raise metabolism and help burn body fat.  They may also have serious side effects like high blood pressure, severe headaches, seizures, heart attacks and even death.

  • Carbohydrates are fattening

Carbohydrates have an almost equal energy value to protein and half that of fats so you can enjoy them whilst on weight loss diet.

You just need to choose wisely – boiled potatoes instead of fries, whole grain bread instead of white bread.

  • Fat binders and other diet drugs

Fat binders work by binding to fats in the food you have eaten and preventing their absorption from the gut.  Some fat binders have been approved for use but only under the supervision of a nutritionist or medical doctor and as part of a weightless program that includes a healthy eating plan and exercise program.  They are also specifically for those who are medically obese, with high blood pressure or diabetes.

  • High protein, low carbohydrates diets are healthy

You will lose quite a lot of weight in short time because the kidneys are forced to produce more urine to wash out ketones the breakdown products of excess protein.

The ketones suppress appetite but because of dehydration, headaches, nausea, tiredness, weakness and bad breath.

You will also lack key nutrients because this diet limits intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Also with long-term effects on build up of fatty deposits in blood vessels, increased uric acid levels causing gout, and the leaching of calcium from the bones.

  • Avoid all fast foods

Fast foods can be part of healthy weight loss program with a little know-how.  Choose low calories options such as salad, fresh fruit diet drink, mineral water.  Skip the mayonnaise and sauce and share a large portion.

  • Exercise for weight loss

Dieting alone can help lose weight that’s a myth,  adding exercise to an healthy eating regime doubles your rate of weight loss and also keeps the weight off.

  • Herbal weight loss products are safe because they are natural

Most have been scientifically tested to prove that they are safe or that they work.  Some products may be unsafe if used with other medications or in people with certain medical conditions.  Ensure that you check for approval of FDA (Food Drugs Association) certification/other bodies such as Aloe Vera International Aloe Science council seal of approval.  One more important thing they only work together with healthy eating and exercise regime.

In conclusion we have made you aware what is true and Myths on dieting, go ahead take necessary precautions and if you are planning to lose weight do, it naturally as recommended above and get in touch with certified Nutritionist and Fitness professional.

Flora Kariuki
Wellness Coach Desk