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Obesity Treatment in Kenya

Obesity Treatment in Kenya why is it happening? Many developing nations like Kenya are currently undergoing societal transitions involving increased urbanization, reductions in physical activity, and increased consumption of fast food, all of which can result in increased risk of both obesity and chronic disease risk, especially in children.

Obesity Treatment in Kenya

Kenya unfortunately has not been left behind with this chronic disease of obesity.  We may not be soo worse of like the western world but at the rate we are going with all fast foods lifestyle of convenience lets say we are there.

The best way to check whether one is obese is to take a BMI Body Mass Index test this looks at Weight Vs Height. Nowadays its easy to calculate with tools available such as mobile phone or the internet. Just know what you weight is and your height then bingo it is done for you.  The disadvantage of this is whether its an effective method i.e if someone has strong bones, low fat and good body tone, the BMI will show they have a high BMI!

Obesity Treatment Guidelines

The most common causes of obesity are improper lifestyle and unhealthy diet. Sedentary lifestyle and living on fast foods are the most common causes of obesity in Kenya. Obesity has been known to be genetic, normally it begins at childhood obesity and progress.

There are certain guidelines for obesity treatments which are:

  • Calculation of BMI.
  • Control of weight through change of lifestyle and exercise
  • Treatment – Alternative Medicine

Obesity Treatment and Prevention

Depending on the severity of symptoms, treatments are carried out accordingly. If a person has other health disorders (e.g. Diabetes, thyroidism, heart diseases, etc.), associated with obesity, then treatments need to be carried out with intense precision, so that there are no side effects. The mode of treatment varies for children and adults.

Obesity Treatment for Children
Recent statistics have shown that none of the rural Kenyan children were overweight or obese; however, 6.8% of the boys and 16.7% of the girls in the urban school setting were considered overweight/obese are suffering from obesity symptoms. Here are few childhood obesity treatment options.

Lifestyle: Children must be encouraged to be involved in physical activities. Instead of spending hours in front of computers, they should actively participate in outdoor sports like cricket, football, volleyball, etc. Jogging, running and swimming can do much to prevent obesity.

Food Habits: The present generation children are much more inclined towards consuming junk and fast foods. These foods can do nothing better than adding extra pounds to the body. You must make an effort to include more vegetables and fruits in their diet to prevent problems associated with obesity.

Medical Treatments: In case your child is suffering from diseases like asthma, bronchitis, along with obesity, get proper treatments from doctors. The best option to deal with obesity is to follow the doctor’s advice systematically and once your child gets cured, maintain the rules set aside to control any bad effects in future.

Obesity Treatment for Adults

Lifestyle illness: Food we eat, drugs we take make us overweight.  Some food we ingest have toxins.


1) Exercises- Help get rid of toxins (oxygenate) your blood thus bringing fresh blood.

2) Water –  2 1/2 litres a day is required.  Lack of water causes headaches.  Toxins are not flushed out sometimes causing obesity and constipation.

3) Mind – Alot of stress causes people to be overweight

4) Environment – Ozone (pollution goes into our system that way clogging our system)

NB: If you do not burn calories its stored in the fat cells.


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Obesity Treatment in Kenya

The treatment of obesity is really up to you – The Galitos, Kenchics won’t stop making huge sized greasy food portions – you just have to choose to not eat them.

Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator once in a while, or walk to the store instead of driving. Once you have your mind set that you will make changes you will see weight loss, just be patient.

Losing weight doesn’t require extremes – no extreme diets, no extreme exercise, just moderate lifestyle changes so be on the lookout and if obese dont be shy away but resort to The Obesity Treatment in Kenya.