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Weight Loss – How To Lose Weight in Kenya

Lets be real one of the most difficult task is losing weight but this should not be the case now with Weight Loss Tips in Kenya Losing weight easily seems impossible but prolonged efforts will in the long run bear fruit.  How then can you lose weight and not end up starving yourself or not achieving the required results within specific time period from fad diets that are so popular in the internet. Do not look no more because this article will look at losing weight from Kenyan perspective.

Weight Loss Tips in Kenya

Weight Loss Tips in Kenya

Weight Loss Tips in Kenya

Being obese can come in different forms either through hereditary genes or through continuous unhealthy lifestyle that many have conditioned themselves to, yet they have ignored the fact that this is a health risk to their heart and lives.

The many ways that you can adapt to naturally in losing weight.  Here below are Weight Loss tips in Kenya which will help change your life and many will want to adapt to this incredible lifestyle:-

Weight Loss Tips in Kenya: step by step approach

  •  Understand Your Body

Know you body and listen to it, there times you may feel this is the best time to lose weight e.g. you may choose to lose weight at the beginning of the year which many like to do like doing a detox and joining a health club etc.  This is your decision no one should coerce you to do it. Be careful not to be lost in what others are doing.

  • Eat more vegetables

According to medical experts it is recommended that your plate should have half  of vegetables and fruits  and half the other food types such as refined grains, less of meats and salts.  Obesity is a sign of poor consumption of vegetables.

  • Reduce the Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are an important element in your body but they should be taken moderately.  There two types simple and complex carbohydrates.  Brown bread, oats, pasta and legumes are categorized as complex carbohydrates.  So its advisable to reduce carbohydrates, both simple and complex contain sugar but depends on the ratio moderate intake of carbohydrates result in low blood sugar level and in turn burning of fat hence reduced weight.

  • Meal Portions and Habits

Eat small portions throughout the day rather three large meals.  The smaller the portions the better it is for maintaining blood sugar levels which help control hunger pangs.

Never skip breakfast or any other meal or starve starve yourself. Avoid refrigerated foods rather eat fresh foods because this have the right food ingredients for the body because when food is refrigerated it looses its ingredients.  Avoid unhealthy snacks such sugary foods e.g. cakes, mandazis, with with empty calories – sausages, ham, hotdogs etc. Eat healthy snacks such as sweet potatoes with milk, a fruit salad, nuts(sparingly) etc.

  • Don’t be too strict

Is it ok to eat pizza, cakes, sausages or carbonated drinks, all these should be eaten moderately not as part of your diet always.  Be yourself and dont cheat that you will never eat processed foods but have a control on how much you take.

  • Water and Other Liquids

Water is life so it should not be substituted with anything else like carbonated drinks such as soda, alcohol which have high sugar levels and add up to calories that you soo dearly want to lose. These drinks lower the process of metabolism and as result reduced rate of burning fat.

  • Healthy Fats, Nutrients and Food

For the body to function well it requires fatty acids that come from oily fish such as omega 3 and omega 9 but this should not scare you because there natural supplements are palatable, which help burn fats but also protect the heart, produce strong bones and stabilize the body’s immune system.

  • Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera assists in weight loss it stimulates the metabolic rate, due to which more energy is consumed. This helps in regulating body mass index.

Drinking Aloe Vera gel will boost energy that is lost in weight loss, it replenishes the weak cells with

  • Exercise and Body Workouts

It is recommended a work out of 30minutes 3 times a week i find this the best regime since it allows the body to go on rest mode rather than daily.  Easy activities like walking for 20 minutes daily or taking the stairs, catching the bus a stage further than usual can help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Tips in Kenya: Conclusion

Losing weight should not be a punishment but rather should be easy going regime that you can adapt to and make it part of your life.  Extra weight is not gained in a day, so will the excess baggage on your body not shed at the blink of your eye.

Hope the road to losing weight will be easier now with determination ability to achieve the desired weight through Weight Loss Tips in Kenya