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Do you know you can eat more and Lose Weight without counting calories, it sounds soo good to be true but Diet and Weight for Kenyans will show how.  Am sure if you were asked it would a nice for change to enjoy your meals with least worries this is not a myth its a reality.

Diet and Weight Tips for Kenyans

Being least worried about your food intake directly contradicts everything on losing weight by diet doctors.  Yet if you followed the stress free weight loss advice you will lose more weight as you’ve always wanted from 5kgs upwards.  It’s very difficult to change long-term habits since a habit takes 21 days to stick.  If you have been eating wrong foods this may have become a habit but you need to slowly change and adapt to new foods.

How is this possible to eat more and still lose weight?  There is a scientific reason for this.

  • First of all, all over the world people have been doing it for thousands of years, so it’s time-proven.
  • Our ancestors ate more food than today’s average Kenyan Adult and weight less. But we consume more calories than they did.  They ate only unrefined carbohydrates; they were able to eat more food while staying fit and trim.
  • They ate more fibre and less calories which helped them maintain an ideal weights

Diet and Weight Tips for Kenyans: Traditional Meals

  • Replace white bread with whole meal/brown bread/ sweet potatoes/arrow roots
  • Tilapia, Sea fish, kienyeji chicken with Ugali/brown rice and veggies instead deep fried chicken and chips
  • Matoke stew/yam stew and lean meat
  • Vegetable Pilau
  • Lentil e.g.  Dengu/beans stew with rice
  • Mushrooms, sukuma/kale and sweet potato
  • Osuga/Managu stew with Ugali
  • Mukimo and beef stew
  • Githeri and potatoes/carrots/little meat
  • Chapati and chicken stew

Diet and Weight Tips for Kenyans: Solution

Refined foods may taste good, but they are psychologically and physiologically addicting and if you look at your grandparents they ate healthy so if you imitate them then am sure weight issues will not be an issue.  They ate foods rich in fibre and vitamins two of the most important factors in weight management.  There is no substitute for foods rich in fibre and vitamins.

Solution is to look keenly at what you have been consuming and slowly change and together with exercise you will be on your way to realizing your goals through tips on Diet and Weight.