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Based on the traditional pyramid of world’s healthiest cultures covered in the earlier feature of Food Guide Pyramid the following is Kenyan Pyramid Diet which is easy to follow.

Best Kenyan Pyramid Diet

The elements that make up Kenyan Pyramid Diet will energize you, are healthy and fun.  As a general rule always keep the following guidelines:-

  • Eat small and when hungry
  • Eat not to fullness but to satisfaction

Kenyan Pyramid Diet Guide

1) Eat like a king for Breakfast

Eating a heavy meal for breakfast is important to you whether a morning riser or not but it’s a sure way to keep unhealthy snacks at bay.  Let’s look at what is a healthy breakfast:-

– Begin by drinking 2 warm cups of water and after 20minutes the rest can follow – choice is yours

-Fresh smoothie e.g. banana, apple, mango and pineapple


-Steamed arrow roots/sweet potato, lean meat and vegetables

– Yoghurt and Oats and food left over

2) Eat like a Prince for Lunch

Eat small and when hungry will apply only if you had a heavy healthy breakfast as indicated above.  Here you can be adventurous and eat healthy lunch comprised of:-

–          Begin by drinking 2 warm cups of water before eating (to avoid eating too much)

–          Bowl of mixed salad/ Coleslaw , 1 potato and fruits

–          Healthy homemade sandwich and fruits


–          Noodles/spaghetti, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers

–          Lemon-ginger flavored iced tea

–          End with 1 glass of warm water 10 minutes after eating

3) Eat like a pauper for Dinner

Recommended you eat dinner two hours before going to sleep; you add more calories on a full stomach when asleep.  A light dinner may comprise of:-

–          Begin by drinking 2 warm cups of water before eating (to avoid eating too much)


– Rosemary roasted potatoes, tilapia and green salad


– Mukimo/Githeri and lean meat


– Very little Ugali, traditional veggies and fish/chicken/lean meat

Healthy Kenyan Pyramid Diet

In addition to promoting wellness, the diet above will not only keep you in shape but add variety and eat tastier foods.  Now you don’t have to wonder anymore which recipe to abide by, you now have a healthy Kenyan Pyramid Diet.