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Are you one of those who crave for certain foods but cannot, yet wonder how to get rid of Food Allergy? A solution is right here that is simple and pain-free.

How to get rid of Food Allergy

The following symptoms may arise due to a reaction to certain foods:-

–          Retaining excess water

–          Experience abdominal bloating

If you are experiencing the above symptoms then indeed you have food allergies that maybe tacking on those unwanted kilos you have been carrying around for years.

Research studies discovered that if partially digested food finds its way through a weakened digestive lining and enters your bloodstream, not only is there food allergies but consequential weight gain may erupt.

Causes of Food Allergy

There are two common causes that trigger food allergies: –

–          Water retention

–          Food addiction

Water retention

When partially digested food enters the bloodstream, it eventually finds its way into the tissues and organs, causing irritation and inflammation.  The body then tries to reduce the inflammation by retaining water to dilute the concentration of toxic byproducts.

Food Addiction

  • Unsuspected hidden food allergies can lead to food addiction, a primary cause for you to eat more and gain weight
  • Overtime the allergic food is consumed so often, it can become physiologically and psychologically addicting.  This is referred to as food allergy/food addiction syndrome, and unfortunately many people are trapped in it.   Hidden food allergies eventually develop into uncontrollable food cravings, binge eating and consequently Weight gain
  • There are compounds produced by food allergies which increase appetite and decrease metabolism and as a result the body’s ability to burn calories is diminished, excess calories are stored as fat, and you gain more weight

Food Allergy Solution

–          Eliminating allergic foods (check if allergic to dairy products)

–          Juicing vegetables (carrots and 1 leaf of spinach) and water

–          Optional 20 day diet (raw vegetables and partially boiled food)

In conclusion you have now seen what seemed impossible can now be pain-free of years of discomfort from certain foods, losing unwanted kilos to totally get rid of Food Allergy.