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One time or another you may have felt some discomfort especially after eating certain foods, commonly referred as Heartburn, here now we give you tips on How to get rid of Heartburn.

Signs and How to get rid of Heartburn

Acid Indigestion or Heartburn or Acidosis is excess of digestive juices in the stomach among which is found hydrochloric acid.  These juices can flow up into the esophagus causing what is known as heartburn and a burning sensation in the throat.

If discomfort occurs frequently it can cause retention of liquids, a tendency towards rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, and teeth can become unusual sensitivity to vinegar and citrus acids.

Heartburn in Pregnancy

The hormonal changes in pregnancy may cause the emptying time of the stomach to slow the sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach to stay more relaxed than normal, allowing a tendency for the acid in the stomach to be forced back into the esophagus.  Never resort to antacids while pregnant.

Causes and How to get rid of Heartburn

  • Heartburn or acid indigestion may frequently be when there is a problem with the kidneys or liver exists.
  • It is also produced from a bad combination of foods or when fruit or juice is consumed after eating meat or other heavy food.

NB: Fruit usually ferments after 30minutes so if you eat meat first, it takes a few hours to digest, thus impeding the fruit to pass on to the small intestines for its digestion.  This causes the fruit to ferment in the stomach, which produces indigestion and acidity.  That’s a shocker for most people who would rather eat first and eat their fruit last now you know.

Suggested Treatment and How to get rid of Heartburn


  • Nervousness, anxiety and stress
  • Eliminates products/foods that produce acidity such as Beverages with caffeine like coffee, tea, chocolates, and carbonated drinks, avoid hot peppers, refined flour and sugar, red meat and pastas.  Also avoid cigarettes and alcohol
  • Eat until you are full, chew your food slowly
  • Lying down immediately after eating because this will cause the gastric juices to rise into the esophagus and throat


–          Drink  Aloe vera Gel with lots of water throughout the day

–          Ginger is also big help in absorbing stomach acid.  Include diet with high alkaline foods such as dates, roasted corn, papaya and cooked apples

–          Compress a cold wet rag on the abdomen after eating it helps reduce the discomfort – acidity

(NB: Before any meal first eat fruits or drink juices alone and wait for a while for these to be digested like 30 minutes)

Warning: When you have the following symptoms in addition to acid digestion: nausea, dizziness, vomiting with blood, pain from the chest extending into the neck and arms, consult your doctor.

Heartburn is manageable, we aren’t just a fast food generation, we’re a fast eating one too, it’s simple as checking on when and what we are eating so solution is here now on How to get rid of Heartburn.