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ShiroShed Whooping 38 kgs

Left August 201698kgs & Right May 2017 – 65kgs
by the look on her latest photo is bimming with radiance.  She consistently had a disciplined change of lifestyle apart from working out at her favourite gym she also ate clean which has contributed to her weight loss courtesy of Great Body Gym…Read More


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7 steps to Healthy Living

Finding the best diet and exercise is not easy but having been on this road, the following 7steps to Healthy Living will help you be in shape.  But we’ll look at each step broadly and find ways to make commitment to wellness and enjoy the journey. 7 steps to Healthy...

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Best Diet and Weight Tips for Kenyans

Do you know you can eat more and Lose Weight without counting calories, it sounds soo good to be true but Diet and Weight for Kenyans will show how.  Am sure if you were asked it would a nice for change to enjoy your meals with least worries this is not a myth its a...

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