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Case Study of Perfect Couple in A Winning Contest

A perfect example of a winning spirit describes two Kenyans! Take a look at Joe Nyagweso and Nora Odundo who are currently the leading participants of Citizen TV’s Slimpossible Season 4 contest have so far lost 29.7kgs and 30.2kgs respectively in a span of not more than 3months – this a show of a spirit of resilience and determination. 

This couple went in with two goals in mind, one to shed off kilos and the other is they are heading to the finishing line to clinch the million shillings prize, of the ultimate winner.  Every Friday all eyes have been glued to see who will clinch the prize and who gets off the competition. This depicts the cycle of life of determined fitness enthusiasts soon to be you.

Here are the latest updates of those eliminated from this hot competition but even though they are out, they promised not to give up but to get to their weight goal.

Slimpossible Eliminated Participants as at 4th October 2013 Lost the following weights:

Wendy Waithera (11kgs)

Sue Kimani (17.6kgs)

Woofgang Rashid (9.5kgs)

Jeoffrey Nyasimi (9.7kgs)

Patricia Mbaluka (13.7kgs)

Alvina Hauser (12.9kgs)

Lilian Wamaitha (14.2kgs)

David Okello (18.3kgs)

Michael Karanja (18.3kgs)

Patience Masai (19.6kgs

Robert Kithinji (22.5kgs)

Dr. Vincent Maoka (23.6kgs)

Here are the Slim possible finalist

Couple’s Slimpossible Diet Revealed

Norah Odundo above was recently asked by host Lilian Muli-Kinene what was causing them to lose weight fast as compared to the rest of the contestants.  One thing she said was she has kept to the program.  Are you with me… if you are looking for quick fixes to weight loss then it won’t work!

Slimpossible Season 4  Diet

Here is tit bit of the couple’s diet that may not augur well if you are looking for a quick fix diet:-

Follow 1500 calories diet by dividing the heaviest meal which is breakfast (1000calories and rest throughout the day).  Example of breakfast – oat meal or fibre rich cereal, herbal tea and sweet potatoes/arrow roots

Other meals include whole grains, brown rice/Ugali, brown wheat flour, legumes with lots of traditional veggies

Take lots of water

Raw vegetable salads with food

Eat Lots of fruits within the day

Keep to the gym regime

Gym Tips for a beginner

Njuguna is not obese yet though he likes to eat big meals, sometimes throws in nyama choma and beer on weekends a common past time.  He has tried doing some sit-ups and pushups at home but his pot belly won’t go and was looking for a quick fitness solution.  Apart from exercising, he would need to change his lifestyle and focus on eating a healthy balanced diet.

In order for him to enroll in one of best Nairobi Gym, he went shopping in the directories:-

In the listing it was easy for him to choose from the Gyms in Nairobi

Identified one which suited his needs:-

Convenient in terms of location to be precise within CBD,

Flexible hours – after work


Good facilities and equipments

Since Njuguna has not been to a gym before here is what he has to hear every time he walks through the doors of his favorite gym?

Exercises for Beginners

Work outs – Doing regular exercises at a gymnasium

Warm-up – One has to start off on a simple exercise mat before any vigorous exercises

A warm up is also gentle exercise you do to strengthen muscles before you start exercising seriously. If you don’t do a warm-up you might pull a muscle pulling a muscle is painful and can stop you exercising completely for a while.

Warm up Tips

Touch your toes

Stretch your muscles in the legs and back

Next do sit-ups – These are good exercise for the tummy muscles or abs (Abs are abdominal muscles)

Next press-ups/pushups – These are hard work and to do at least fifteen. Well done

Now after warming up Njuguna has to do to push weights. This aims to builds his muscles by lifting weights up and down.  But in the case you are a lady and you only want to be slim, not be muscular, so you can move on to a running machine called a treadmill and you can run without going anywhere, this is why people who are not satisfied with their lives sometimes say they on a treadmill going no-where!

Sometimes running fast which is called sprinting, but its recommended to begin running slowly and steadily – is called jogging.

After this, you may feel tired so you can take a breather – it’s when you stop exercising for a while to catch your breath and relax until you’re breathing normally.

After the breather – back to work you can take bicycle that’s just for exercises know as exercise bike.

This is enough for the day and will keep you in good shape if you follow it strictly according to your fitness trainer.

Gym schedule for beginners?

It’s recommended to exercise 3 to 4 times a week and the rest of the days you need to rest.

In conclusion as you have seen that changing your everyday life can be a reality no more excuse, go on and make a positive step, live to enjoy it.

Have you decided which gym you will enroll and what you need to do get going? Please share any experiences or queries you may be having on comments box below?