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Latest contestants for slimpossible Season 4

shape fitness challengeThe season we all have been waiting anxiously for, to know who it is that ended up the final list, both male and female they streamed at Boma Hotel for the auditions.  From the 1000 participants who showed up eagerly for the auditions 21 contestants only who made it and their main target is to shed weight.

For those who did not make to sit through the programme, I did and am very keen and interested to know who these contestants were at a personal level and I will feel you in with details shortly of what the judges had to say, what they will be expecting of contestants throughout the season before we get into the actual list.

Expectations of Judges

  • Boost their self-image and high confidence levels all through the season (Image consultant)
  • To lose atleast 1kilo each week (fitness expert)
  • To follow strictly an eating plan – no quick fixes based on nutritional assessment (Lina Njoroge)
  • To change their mindsets and let participants know the reasons why they’ve in the past not lose weight hence expert work will to keep them focused all through the journey
  • Grooming quarters – Taking care of their hair and makeup to ensure they look good.
  • From medical perspective will be to make them understand why being overweight and obese is risky and the diseases associated with it such as high blood pressure, diabetes among others.

NB: All the 21 have gone through a full medical checkup and tests to ensure they are fit for this competition and so they end up in the future as productive citizens.  (Dr. Gikonyo – Karen Hospital)

Unveiling Final List

1.  Alvina Hauser – 105kgs (Female) –Medical Technician & Emergency driving skills – With this kind of job she needs to fit to handle extreme injuries – she says what pains her when she has to handle children with injuries.

2. Levy Kones- 100kgs plus (Male) from Eldoret – Events Organizer The reason why he signed up was because of the ridicule he gets from his family especially while they take family photos.

3. Michael Karanja 143.5kgs (Male) – Road Safety Attendant – Why he signed up was he has always felt odd especially going to his kids’ school and also feels embarrassed taking his wife for walk).

4. Lilian Wamaitha 22 years 101.6kgs (Female) – USIU 3rd year student – She likes singing, travelling, bungee jumping and she says her weight limits her from doing fun things.

5. Khan Ali 111kgs (Female) – “Bride to be” – Likes eating, swimming, watching TV and since she is about to get married she wants to look good for both herself and for her future husband who is very supportive.

6. Joe Nyagweso 110kgs Male Father of two – Likes travelling and has become very lazy and he being overweight makes him go to places, where he ought not to because this makes him look rich especially before his friends’ eyes.

7. Sue Kimani 150kgs (Female) Camera Lady and Single mother – Weight has been hindering her work and people say she looks like her mum’s sister because of her size.  Her mum is supportive and made her sign up because she lost weight earlier on and something she feels bad about her divorce is, her former husband remarried to a skinny lady.

8. Jeoffrey Nyasimi 124.5kgs (Male) Maseno Student awaiting graduation.  Formerly a rugby player which he stopped and remembers he was big since he was a kid and likes looking good but nothing seems to fit this programme is it for him to change his image.

9. Dr. Evans Maoka 120.4kgs (Male) AGE 41 and husband to Clementine Maoka (SP3 WINNER) Loves eating a lot and since his wife did season 3, has taught him on calorie watch and so he knows abit of what is required but has not implemented.

10. Judy Jebet 121.3kgs (Female) Forensic Expert Mother of six – Her favorite food is Ugali and fish and loves sports.  People call her ‘momo’ which means big mama.  Her family is a very supportive.

11. Rosalia Mawelu (Female) 127.5kgs.  One thing is longs for is to have a baby, her story is one that will move you tears she’s had miscarriages and the doctor advised her to lose weight and her target should be about 85kgs.  She loves swimming and her favorite food is chicken and rice.

12. Wolfgang Rashid (Male) 117.4kgs Clothes vendor – Guy who eats a tray of eggs in one sitting, YES that is shocking and also can finish two full chicken and for breakfast eats 3 loaves of bread to his fill.   On social media his story has been trending let see if he gets the discipline to eat healthy, watch him closely.

13. Durman Kihara (Male) 116kgs, married with 2 kids – Works at dormans (coffee shop), where they make yummy cakes and what you may not know he says at end of the day what is not eaten they don’t throw away but carry home, so his had a sweet tooth and liking for the pastries. His wife is very supportive of him wanting to lose weight.

14. Irene Wambui Karanja (Female) 134.7 kgs – loves eating junk food e.g. cakes, sweets, and biscuits.  She is willing to stop the habit.  Her husband is supportive of her shedding weight.

15. Robert Kithinji (Male) 142.7kgs married with a daughter – loves eating bread the reason behind his weight gain.  His daughter 1 ½ years old is his motivation, he says she wants to play with him after work but he find himself panting and would like to change and be flexible.

16. Patricia Mbaluka –  (Female) 158.3kgs works at wakulima market as vegetable vendor. People call her names like momo and she eats a lot and all the time be it samosas, mandazis, sausages, she will not let anything her passby and speaks Swahili what I like about her is she is determined to lose weight and change for good and probably influence other mama mbogas.

17. Norah Odundo (Female) 128.4kgs married and mother of two. Loves cooking and her favorite delicacies are fried foods.  What she would like to accomplish is to dress in fitting clothes especially tuck in and for once wear a mini skirt.  Both her kids are cheering her on and since she sells ladies accessories, she would love to adorn in them.

18. David Okello (Male) 152.7kgs ­– Stigmatized about his size, a thing he hates is children run from him and make fun of him that he might sit on them.  He knows his handsome and would do anything to lose weight and make his wife happy, whose is very supportive of him on this weight loss journey.

19. Patience Masai (Female) 142kgs 4th year student at Nazarene University – She remembers being verbally abused by a house help when she was young saying she was plumb and which affected her self esteem. Her parents are very supportive.

20. Ken Kithinji (Male) 176.4kgs Father of three kids – loves chips, chicken and has a craving for meat.  But he is determined to stop the habit and get in shape.

21. Wendy Waithera (Female) 116.3kgs Hotelier by profession – Recently separated from her husband and has 2 kids.  She replaced Ben Agunda – who was among the finalist but had to drop out because of medical reasons – suffered past heart attacks.

In conclusion from this wonderful programme there will emerge one winner from the above list it may be shocking to you wondering how did they get here? But what matters is their determination to have total lifestyle change so let’s keep watching and will definitely keep you updated so watch this space for the Total Weight updates.