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Things you should and shouldn’t do  

Slim possible Participants highlights for Episode II


  • 3 delicacies forbidden for participants
  • Adjusting with Pace
  • Slimpossible diet – Case Study
  • Total Weight for Participants
  • Elimination suspense



3 delicacies forbidden for participants

  • All twenty one participants were spoilt for choice with sumptuous finger licking delicacies which included chicken, pizza, burgers and they had to their filling one last time.

Case Study: How Njoki a middle age mother of two dealt food addiction”

She will do anything to get junk food, even lie; she snacks junk food throughout the day.  She finally came clean that she has been untruthful about her eating habits after years of trying to lose weight even with diet and a very rigorous exercise plan.

An average day consists of fast food sandwiches, cookies, chips & chicken etc…We can resonate with her situation, because some of these forbidden foods become difficult to stop.

She comes from a family which struggles with obesity and diabetes due to obesity, though she is the smallest weight-wise of them but is steadily gaining weight…

Solutions to her problem:-

Slimpossible diet

The contestants are now already pruned to low fat foods of which, David Okello who is one of the participants is not getting acquainted with.

It is getting known that they are now to be put on a strict but healthy diet that could change their lifestyle.

Adjusting with Pace jump

For all participants to get their desired results they are to get adjusted to vigorous and tiresome gym workouts which they find it difficult to cope up with.

Gym Instructor Henry Sande, revealed that some guys were feeling nauseated, tired and abit of despair – adjusting to the new regime is a challenge.

All in all most contestants appreciated the team of instructors, praising they were patient and encouraging.  Henry mentioned that the goal is to push them to burn 1000 calories a week and his expectation is for each of them to lose 1kilo a week. 

Woofgang, the guy of 30 eggs, was warned by the gym instructors who noticed he was overdoing on the workout programme and looking on to this week weight update below, seemed to have lost the most.

Last but not the least, a very important stride for all participants, was a medical checkup and through Karen Hospital (one of leading sponsors of Slimpossible) – here blood pressure, heart rate and many other tests were done before they continue further exercising and the good news was nobody was exercises and all participants were shown the green door to go ahead. 

This is to show viewers it’s vital to go to weight loss programme through your doctor’s approval.

Total Weight for Participants – Click here – participant’s weight loss chart

One by one they were called to the pondium by the host to check their weight progress from the last week’s to this week to determine total weight lost).

Elimination suspense

In every competition, there comes a time when one has to be eliminated because of lack of progress. And the moment of truth was knocking on the door; all participants had that fear of getting eliminated.  They looked apprehensive and agitated and you could feel suspense in the room, just then Slimpossible host, Lilian-Muli Kanene, announced that no one would be leaving in this episode II.

Episode III will reveal Weight Loss Tips and things will get enticing when participants compete to lose weight.